Extra garden waste collections and cooking oil

Residents who are signed up for brown bin collections can put out twice as much garden waste during the extra garden waste weeks this month.

Vale of White Horse district council is giving those who are part of the paid-for service the opportunity to put out the equivalent of one extra bin’s worth of garden waste (around three large 80 litre bin bags) in the following weeks:

·week commencing 15 October – Vale of White Horse customers

·week commencing 22 October – South Oxfordshire customers

Residents should leave their extra garden waste out in bin liners or sacks beside their brown bins on their usual collection day during these weeks.  Trade waste bags will not be accepted., however you can re-use old compost bags.

The garden waste is taken to a recycling plant in Oxfordshire where it is used to make compost, which goes to local farmers, allotment holders and an annual compost giveaway.  However, there are increasing reports that the waste is being contaminated with non-compostable items such as plant pots, plastic bags and bottles.

What CAN be put into the brown bin




·Flowers and plants

·Hedge clippings

·Branches (not more than 10cm thick)

·Prunings and twigs

·Windfall fruit

·Hay / Straw / Sawdust (soiled animal bedding from non-meat eating animals only eg rabbits)

·Vegetable waste from the garden only eg potato tops (not kitchen waste)

See the councils’ websites for more information via www.morerecycling.co.uk.

** Please note that boxes and bags left on the extra garden waste days are left at the customer’s discretion and the council will not replace them if missing or damaged.

Cooking Oil is collected every week as part of food waste collections.

After cooking, any leftover oil should be allowed to cool before being poured into a plastic bottle no bigger than a 1 litre size. The bottle and its contents can then be placed into the resident’s kerbside food waste caddy along with other food waste and put out for the weekly collection.

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