Memories of Watchfield

Please contribute any pictures or articles you have of Watchfield and events.

For a history of Watchfield please look at this link Watchfield Chronicle

shriv road watchfield001Now called the High Street but used to be known as Shrivenham Road

views of watchfield001Now called Chapel Hill but used to be known as Hill Road

views of watchfield004Labelled the Chapel and Carter’s Cottage. This is taken from Oxford Square, looking up Chapel Hill. Note where 14 and 16 Chapel Hill are now there were allotments. Also from the Old Chapel downwards on the right hand side of Chapel Hill there are no houses.

views of watchfield005View along Oak Road from Oxford Square. Not there are none of the in-fill houses present today. There were allotments where the bungalows are now.

views of watchfield006The Church and School Watchfield

views of watchfield009Labelled the Village, Watchfield. This is a view down Chapel Hill.

old views of watchfield001

Oxford Square 1908

old views of watchfield002

High Street 1909 – far left the Baker and Godfrey Grocer Shop which supplied coal, cornmeal and mormal requirements. Top right – Watchfield Post Office

views of watchfield003The farm house and farm yard in Eagle Lane. Mr Harvey and his horse

views of watchfield007Labelled Old Berks Hunt, Digging Out The Fox and Terrier at Little Coxwell. Mr Harvey

views of watchfield008Mr Harvey, who had a farm house in Eagle Lane, ploughing.

views of watchfield010Labelled Army manoeuvres. Lord Roberts with Lady Wantage near Watchfield.

views of watchfield012Mr Curtis crowning the May Queen at the May Fayre (1980s)

views of watchfield013Maypole dancing, May Fayre (1980s)

views of watchfield014May Queen at the May Fayre on Watchfield Recreation Ground

views of watchfield015May pole dancing, May Fayre (1980s)

views of watchfield016School House

views of watchfield017Eagle Lane

views of watchfield018Farm House Eagle Lane today

views of watchfield0192 Oak Road


views of watchfield011“Fourth People’s” Free Festival Arnham Camp, 1975, Watchfield

watchfield cover[1] Front Cover of the event newspaper

hawkwind at watchfield