A420 bypass repairs/state of road.

This is update I got from OCC, I enquired as a concerned local resident, on what is being done about state of A420 locally:

Thank you for your enquiry. The A420 is checked on a regular monthly rota and any safety defects are raised for repair. The defects marked in yellow/white are classed as 28 day defects and are scheduled to be repaired within that time frame. There are three categories of priority for repair of defects in this instance the Safety Inspector has given the defects a 28day priority. There is a scheme being progressed to repair the A420 in 2014 until then any safety defects will be dealt with accordingly.

So I guess if there are defects you needs to keep logging them on www.fixmystreet.com or other similar websites. They do actually get looked at if recorded on fix my street. The phones apps are a bit rubbish but website entry is fine.