About Our Village

Watchfield has a long and rich history spanning pre-Roman, Roman, Saxon, Norman and Mediaeval to the present day. The land has been used for subsistence existence, to agriculture and mills, to leisure, education¬†and small businesses today. From chapels and churches, pubs and shops the face of Watchfield has changed significantly over time. The military now has a strong presence in the village which started from the military college, included RAF Watchfield and airfield and now encompasses the Defence Academy of the UK. The population has grown and waned in waves but is now in a period of extreme growth with large new residential developments. Populations in the past have entertained themselves in many ways with traditional rural pursuits, sports and village get-togethers. The 1975 Watchfield Free festival was a talking point for decades! Here’s hoping the coming years can be marked with equally memorable events from our remarkable residents.