Application to vary conditions of Gypsy site on land off Highworth Road

The Vale of White Horse Planning Department has circulated information regarding variation of conditions 4, 5, 11, 17 and 18 of planning permission P12/V1901/FUL, to allow the applicant to move onto the site immediately.

This application is P14/V1111/FUL and can be viewed via this link

The communication from Laura Hudson, the planning officer, purports to welcome comments on the application. Stating, “This allows me to negotiate with applicants and to amend and improve the proposals if appropriate. This often addresses concerns expressed by the local town or parish council, neighbours and other consultees.” When questioned why applicants were on site now, given that this variation has not been passed, and why the application states that the planning office has already taken the decision not to enforce previous planning conditions, the following reply was received by Sue Nodder, Chair of the Parish Council:-

Dear Sue

Many thanks for your email.  It has been forwarded to me to respond.

We have been liaising with the applicants agents over the past few
months on the discharge of conditions which are largely complete. The
only issues outstanding are the highway related works including the
crossing and the relocation of the site access.  The details have all
been approved however as you know under the current conditions the crossing and the new access should be complete prior to occupation.

As you are aware the County are re-surfacing the A420 this Summer when
the road will be closed and therefore it makes sense for the works to be
carried out then, as advised by the County.  The applicants have also
been liaising with the County to try and agree the time frame and
logistics of carrying out the works.

Unfortunately the timing has resulted in some of the Gypsies (adults
only) having to move on site prior to the works being carried out as
they have no authorised alternative and would end up on the roadside
which is not something we would wish to encourage.  We have therefore
advised them that their only option to avoid Enforcement action is to
apply to vary the timing of the condition to allow for this overlap on
the understanding that this a short term situation and that no children
will be on site without the crossing in place who would need to cross
the road to go to school.

This is not an ideal situation however it was considered the only
reasonable solution to try and manage this overlap without the
applicants being at risk of enforcement action.  We are required by
current Government Guidance to take a pro-active approach to managing

I was not aware that they were looking to move onto the site today as it
was hoped that the application to vary the conditions would be further
progressed.  However whilst it is pending it would not be reasonable to
pursue enforcement action and it is unlikely that we would succeed at
any enforcement appeal.  The site benefits from planning permission for
a gypsy site therefore it is a question of ensuring that the crossing
works are carried out as soon as possible.  Obviously if these works are
not carried out within the July window of opportunity then we would seek
to commence enforcement proceedings.

I hope that this helps to explain the situation.

Kind Regards