artist trail through Watchfield P18/V2788/FUL


P18/V2788/FUL Artistic trail through the village

Watchfield Parish Council FULLY SUPPORTS this application. The project has been overseen by the Vale of White Horse District Council’s Arts Officer using S106 developer money sought by the District Council specifically for this purpose.

Consultations with the village have been as part of the Community Led Plan and ALL villagers were invited to join various groups as a result of the Plan, including Public Works of Art. The group and Arts Officer provided a brief to artists based on the Community Plan and public consultation events, to which EVERYONE was invited. The Arts Officer invited a list of known artists to submit examples of their work and ideas for Watchfield. A shortlist of artists were invited to a OPEN event to present their proposals. Those attending were asked to contribute their thoughts on the proposals and the locations for the works.

The artist responsible for the works indicated by this proposal was asked to produce a series of works based on the consultations, reflecting the history of the village – ancient to modern. Open stone carving workshops were advertised to EVERYONE and hundreds of residents participated in sessions at Watchfield School, Watchfield Village Hall, Root & Branch, Jubilee Centre and Watchfield Fete in 2017. All the designs from the residents have been incorporated into the works. Updates on the Public Works of Art have been on show at the Annual Village Assemblies of 2016, 17 and 18.

Those opposing the works may not have participated in the consultations. Objections based on the works not reflecting the history of the village do not take into consideration the location of the works reflecting the Anglo-Saxon history are to placed in the older part of the village. The village has evolved over many years and more rapidly in recent years. There has been much development and in-fill around Oak Road, Chapel Hill and Oxford Square as well as Star Lane and Majors Road.

Watchfield Parish Council supports the wishes of the villagers who participated in the consultations and looks forward to welcoming these works of art.

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