Cowan’s update March 2015

Newt relocation work has restarted and this will involve some night searches so you may see some torchlight on site at night. There is a dialogue between developers and ecology regarding the removal of dead elms from the hedgerow and a replanting scheme. No hedgework should happen during bird nesting season. The developers have riparian responsibilities for the ditch along Star Lane and will be writing the maintenance into a management company contract.

Hopefully, there will be some reorganisation of construction traffic signs as they are proving confusing to delivery drivers. Services work will start on the High Street/Star Lane junction on April 20th. The developers will keep access open at all times and will contact home owners affected individually.

Show homes are due to open in October 2015 with first occupation in November 2015. The main 100 house site is due to finish in December 2018. The Oxford Road/Star Lane substation will, most probably, be removed and a small site substation erected at the Star Lane/Oak Road pedestrian access site (on Cowan’s Camp).

Sewerage plans for the main site are still being finalised. The compound will be alarmed now there are more materials on site.