Ed Vaizey responds to proposed golf course development

Ed Vaizey calls on The Vale to refuse regressive application for 136 homes off Faringdon Road, Shrivenham

Local MP Ed Vaizey is opposing a plan by developer Linden Homes to build more than a hundred homes in Shrivenham.

The plan – to build 136 homes off the Faringdon Road – is in the wrong place and would have a massive impact on the local community.

Ed said: “If approved, this development would lead to a large removal of open space, and the destruction of almost 100 trees and their associated habitats, as well as effectively removing the only green space buffer between Watchfield and Shrivenham.

“I would like to pay tribute to Watchfield Parish Council and the local community for their persistence in opposing this regressive application.

“I very much hope that the District Council will heed to my constituents’ well-founded concerns by rejecting this application outright”.


Notes to editors

The planning application reference is P15/V1091/O

The application should be refused on a number of counts, many of which have already been set out by Watchfield Parish Council in their letter to the Vale.  Namely:

  • Core Policy 4 of the Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2031 (LP2031) Part 1, which states that, ‘development outside the existing built up area of settlements will only be permitted where it is allocated by LP2031 or in a Neighbourhood Plan’.
  • The National Planning Policy Framework, which states that the planning system should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by protecting and enhancing valued landscapes and providing net gains.

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