Update on Fire and Planning at District Council

A week on from the fire.  Here’s an update on our latest situation and the advice we’re giving residents.
As so many of our services are now back up and running it’s easier to tell you where there might be delays or disruptions rather than listing services that, apart from things possibly taking a little longer than normal, aren’t hugely affected.
But please bear in mind with all services that we’re operating from temporary offices with fewer staff than normal so there may be one of two unforeseen teething problems and if that happens please bear with us.
If you have an enquiry that isn’t urgent it would be a great help if you could hold off getting in touch for a week or so.

This is the main service affected. If you had an application registered with us we’re currently predicting a fortnight’s delay in deciding it.  If you need to apply for planning permission, it would be a great help if you could delay submitting it for a few weeks, so we can deal with urgent issues. We are extending the deadline for comments on planning applications by X days, which was the length of time our systems was down for.

You can now view and comment on planning applications online [link]. It will take our planning officers a few days/a week to get back up to speed with the applications, so please hold off ringing about your application until the end of next week unless it’s urgent.

All planning submitted either by post or online between Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 January were definitely lost in the fire.  Please resend your application, and make it clear on your application that you had sent it before. It’s not yet clear if we still have applications that we received on Monday 13 January, so please stand by for an update.

If any of this will cause you a major problem, please call 01235 540546.

Waste and recycling
We aren’t currently unable to take bookings for bulky waste collections. Whilst we restore our booking system, you could take your item to one of the county council’s waste recycling centres.
Taxi licensing
Taxi drivers with a taxi license due for renewal should call 01235 540534 and we’ll issue a temporary license.
You can still register to vote, we just can’t confirm you registration until our systems are fully restored.  Please don’t worry though, this will not stop you being able to vote in the elections in May.
You can also still apply for postal and proxy votes, it will just take us a little longer than usual to process these so please bear with us.