Having problems at University? Help is at hand

Having problems at university? Contact Citizens Advice

September is the month of yellowing leaves, darkness in the evenings, a stern chill in the mornings, and difficult goodbyes as children leave home for university. For many, this transition from family life to independent living can be difficult and stressful to manage.

And once on campus, or especially in private rented accommodation, new students can find themselves facing the jaundiced indifference of adult life as they struggle with practical problems which they hadn’t anticipated: “What’s the best way to revise for exams?” “I don’t like my course – can I transfer to a different one?” “How do I open a bank account?” “I have a disability – what about wheelchair access?” “Does my landlord have responsibility for repairs?” “Can I get a part-time job?” In addition, there are all the questions they forgot to ask their parents: “How do you cook spaghetti?” “Where do I put the powder in the washing machine?”

The glorious liberation that college life is supposed to be, the golden key that unlocks the door of life and gives access to unbridled freedom and fulfilment, seems very far away when you’re wondering why you don’t have any friends, or have failing grades, or feel cripplingly homesick, or can’t pay your rent.

Many of us at Citizens Advice have been through all of this. If you are a first-year student, or about to become one, or if you feel that you can’t cope with undergraduate life, or if you need support, contact us. Call Adviceline on 03444 111 444 or drop in to your nearest Citizens Advice. We’re here to help. Locations and opening hours of our offices in Oxfordshire South and Vale can be found on www.caox.org.uk