Please apply to be a Parish councillor/Parish elections

The Parish Council will be dissolved in May this year and a new Parish Council will take its place. Some councillors may not be standing again this time so it is imperative we have some new candidates standing for election. It  would be healthy for the village to actually have an election rather than all nominees gaining office by default due to a lack of candidates. The election is scheduled to take place on May 7th, the same day as the General and District elections.
The nomination forms can be found here Nomination-pack if you would like to put yourself forward. The nomination form (1a) needs to be completed with 2 proposers along with the consent to nominate (1b). Parish councillors do not stand for a particular party and so forms 2 and 3 do not have to be completed. The forms have to be hand delivered to the Vale offices in Abingdon, but if you return them by 8th April to the Village Hall post box, we will ensure they are delivered on your behalf. You will also need the elector numbers for the proposers and candidate. If you wish us to deliver your form, we can fill those in. If you wish to deliver the forms yourself you can phone or email the chair or the clerk for the relevant elector numbers. Do not use elector numbers from previous elections – they have changed!
Forms should be delivered between March 25th and 4pm April 9th to Old Abbey House, Abbey Close, Abingdon.
For more information about being a councillor see
Being a Parish Councillor is not a life sentence! The term is 4 years but you can resign at any point if you find it is not for you. Current parish council meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of the month but the new council will decide on a new day or time if necessary.
The current council enters purdah on March 30th which means we cannot publicise the work of the council beyond minutes and agendas. Nor can individual councillors communicate publically in their official capacity.
Please call or email if you have any queries at all.