Westmill Farm – Permitted Pedestrian Access to the Airfield

Westmill Farm – Permitted access to Airfield

Recently erected signs on the Airfield will be asking all walkers to keep to the paths and to keep their dogs on a lead at all times.

Since creating the permitted access on the Airfield for local people almost 15 years ago the usage of the paths gradually increased and in the last two years very dramatically due no doubt in part to the development of Cowans Camp.

Two wildlife surveys over the last three years have shown a significant reduction in ground nesting birds, particularly Corn Bunting, on the site in the last few years. This correlates with general anecdotal evidence and is despite the land owner employing various measures to try and support larger populations of wild birds on the site.

The land owner is keen to reverse this trend and as well as making more changes to his own farming systems he is asking for all walkers to keep to both walk only on the paths, not around the other margins and for dogs to be kept on leads at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation





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