Our policies and procedures

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Procedural standing orders – STANDING ORDERS 2017

Committee and sub-committee terms of reference – presently, Watchfield Parish Council only operates advisory sub-committees, not full sub-committees. Hence, advisory sub-committees act as information gathering groups only and bring this information to full Council for decisions.

Delegated authority in respect of officers –all officers report to full Council for decision

Code of conduct – Code of Conduct      Code of conduct complaints form    Complaints flowchart     Procedure for dealing with code of conduct complaints

Policy statements –

Financial Regulations – Financial Regulations 2017

Internal policies relating to delivery of service – Risk assessment 2017

Health and safety policy – WPC-Lone-Worker-Policy-2017

Recruitment policies – to be added

Complaints procedure – WPC Complaints Procedure 2017 – update social media

WPC vexatious complaints policy 2017 – update for social media

Data protection policies WPC Data Protection Policy 2017

Freedom of Information policy Watchfield PC Freedom of Information Scheme 2017