Welcome to the Watchfield Website

This is run by the Parish Council but we want to build a resource for everyone involving events, clubs, services, societies and information. We want everyone to feel involved in Watchfield. Parish Council meetings are always on the third Tuesday of the month and open to the public, expect during the month of August where there are no meetings. They are held in Watchfield Pavilion at the bottom of Majors Road at 7.30pm. There is always an opportunity to ask questions or make comments and you will be most welcome to attend. If you have particular questions please contact the Parish Clerk at least a day before the meeting. That way we can try to make sure we have the information available to answer your queries. We hope to see you there! If you feel you would like to be part of the Parish Council, please give your details to the Clerk (clerk@watchfield.org) so they can inform you when a vacancy arises and the relevant process. This is currently the only site sanctioned by Watchfield Parish Council to display Parish Council information. We do not currently communicate via social media. If you wish to know the Parish Council’s stance on any issue, please contact the clerk (details in the Parish Council section). If you run a club or would like to list an upcoming event in Watchfield, please contact info@watchfield.org We hope to build an on-line resource for everyone. Please send your contributions to info@watchfield.org and we’ll get it added ASAP. Occasionally there will be extra ordinary meetings, notice of these meetings will be displayed on the noticeboard.