T4502 Longcot – B4508 Shrivenham Road – Cleveland Bridge – Road Closed – 24 October 2015 for five days

B-0816-PRE-000-002 TTRO Proposed Diversion Route

T4502 Longcot

Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice – S14 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Temporary Road Closure

at  Longcot – B4508 Shrivenham Road – Cleveland Bridge

on 24 October 2016 for five days

In the interests of public safety it will be necessary for Oxfordshire County Council to close the road as detailed above in order to facilitate stabilisation of a weak bridge and resurfacing works..

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice is being made to implement the temporary closure and will operate on the days shown above.

Please note that Temporary Traffic Regulation Notices can last up to 5 consecutive days only.


There will be no through route for emergency service vehicles.

A copy of the drawing showing the extent of the closure and also the alternative routes for traffic is attached.

Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting Ben Dodds, OCC Highways & Transport on 0845 310 11 11.