Horticultural & Craft Show 2019

Watchfield Horticulture & Craft Show, Saturday, September 21st, 2019, 2 – 4.30pm

Watchfield Village Hall

Entries accepted 6-8pm Friday September 20th and 8.30-11.30am Saturday September 21st

FREE to view – Saturday September 21st, 2-4.30pm. Refreshments

Everyone welcome. Enter as many categories as you like—only 20p per entry




  1. Five potatoes
  2. Three carrots
  3. Three beetroot
  4. Two parsnips
  5. One cabbage
  6. Nine runner beans
  7. Three onions
  8. Heaviest onion
  9. Five tomatoes
  10. One cucumber
  11. Heaviest pumpkin
  12. Any other vegetable not on schedule
  13. Heaviest marrow
  14. Longest runner bean
  15. Heaviest Potato
  16. Heaviest Leek
  17. Most unusually shaped vegetable


  1. Single bloom – any variety
  2. A vase of any mixed flowers – not less than five varieties


  1. One specimen bloom – any cultivar
  2. A vase of three blooms – one or more varieties


  1. Five apples, cooking
  2. Five apples, dessert
  3. Five pears
  4. Any other fruit not on schedule


  1. Best kept allotment – Backlands site
  2. Best kept allotment – Church site
  3. 6 matched eggs (any poultry)

Pot Plants

  1. Flowering plant
  2. Foliage plant
  3. Cactus or succulent
  4. Mixed indoor container
  5. Outdoor container

Flower arrangements

  1. 50 shades of green
  2. A miniature arrangement. Not to exceed five inches/12cm overall
  3. Best arrangement in the most bizarre object


  1. Best arrangement with local foliage and flowers
  2. Autumn splendour

Home Economics


  1. Strawberry
  2. Gooseberry
  3. Raspberry
  4. Stone Fruit
  5. Mixed Fruit
  6. Any not on schedule


  1. Any marmalade
  2. Savoury jelly
  3. Pickle, Chutney or Relish
  4. Savoury sauce
  5. Victoria sandwich (see recipe)
  6. Any bread (own recipe)
  7. 6 cheese scones (own recipe)
  8. Best decorated animal-themed cake
  9. Homemade wine
  10. Homemade liqueur


  1. Any hand knitted article
  2. Any crocheted article
  3. Any hand and/or machine sewn article
  4. Any crafted item by a beginner (1st attempt)
  5. A stuffed toy
  6. A painting or drawing (max size A3)
  7. Any wooden or ceramic item
  8. Original hand-made article not on schedule



N.B. Photographs should be no larger than A4 size and unframed. No professional photographers

  1. Water
  2. Sports action
  3. Sunrise/sunset
  4. COMPETITION – Best photo of one of Watchfield’s new Works of Art (£20 prize for under 10s, 11-17, 18+)

Children’s Classes

(Prize for every entry)

  1. A model of an animal made from vegetables or/and fruit
  2. A drawing, or computer art, of your favourite animal
  3. Six Rice Krispie cakes (own recipe)
  4. Six pieces of Rocky Road (own recipe)




Victoria Sandwich

6 ozs (170g) self-raising flour, 6 ozs (170g) butter, 3 eggs, 6 ozs (170g) caster sugar, pinch of salt. Cream butter and sugar, add eggs, fold in flour and salt. Cook in two prepared 7 inch (17.5cm) sandwich tins at 175 oC, mark 3 for 20- 25 minutes. Cool on a wire rack, sandwich with jam and dredge top with caster sugar.


  1. The judge’s decision is final
  2. All entries should be grown or made by you
  3. No exhibit shall be removed until 4.30pm on Saturday, September 21st
  4. No person, other than those appointed, will be allowed in the room whilst judging is taking place
  5. Challenge Cup (awarded for 1 year) for exhibitor with highest cumulative points (1st prize: 5 points, second prize: 4 points, 3rd prize: 3 points, 4th prize: 2 points, Commendation: 1 point)
  6. No exhibits will be accepted after 11.30am, Saturday September 21st

Good Luck!

Entries of all shapes & sizes encouraged! Everyone welcome to enter