Horticultural Show 2018 – RESULTS













Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Comm
1. five potatoes Penny-hooks Val Carter Val Carter Francis Nodder  
2. three carrots Dawn Griffiths Paul Spencer-Matthews Vanessa Moore    
3. three beetroot Sue Nodder Francis Nodder Val Carter Antony Karslake  
4. two parsnips Ann Selwood Val Carter Paul Spencer-Matthews    
5. one cabbage Francis Nodder Ann Selwood      
6. nine runner beans Vanessa Moore Francis Nodder Ann Selwood Dawn Griffiths  
7. three onions Sue Nodder Francis Nodder Val Carter Paul Spencer-Matthews  
8. Heaviest Onion Sue Nodder Francis Nodder      
9. five tomatoes Dawn Griffiths Tik Higham Dave Fisher Janet Manning  
10. one cucumber Val Carter Dawn Griffiths Dawn Griffiths Ruth Holman  
11. Heaviest Pumpkin Ann Selwood        
12. any other vegetable Brian Rawle Vanessa Moore Brian Rawle Sue Nodder  
13. heaviest marrow Sue Nodder Sue Nodder/ Francis Nodder Lilly Marcalon    
14. longest runner bean Sue Nodder Francis Nodder Ann Selwood Penny-hooks  
15. heaviest potato Penny-hooks        
16. Heaviest leek Sue Nodder Francis Nodder Paul Spencer-Matthews    
17. Most unusually shaped vegetables Penny-hooks Sue Nodder Chris Jenner Lilly Marcalon  
18. single bloom Paul Spencer-Matthews Tik Higham Sue Nodder Tik Higham  
19. vase mixed flowers Paul Spencer-Matthews Ruth Holman John Kneasey Tik Higham  
20. rose – one specimen bloom Julie Gillhespey Greg Hibbins Greg Hibbins Ruth Holman  
21. rose – vase of three blooms Greg Hibbins Julie Gillhespey Ruth Holman Greg Hibbins  
22. five cooking apples Sue Nodder Andi Cunningham Antony Karslake    
23. five dessert apples Sue Nodder Dawn Griffiths Antony Karslake Dawn Griffiths  
24. five pears, dessert Brian Rawle Francis Nodder Sue Nodder Morgan Russell  
53. Raspberries, bowl of 15 Jeremy Redford Francis Nodder      
26. any other fruit Andi Cunningham Sue Nodder Sue Nodder Clare Mackarness  
27. best kept allotment – backlands Paul Spencer-Matthews        
28. best kept allotment – church Tony Edwards        
29. flowering plant Clare Mackarness        
30. foliage plant Sue Nodder Jo Whitaker Sue Nodder Paul Spencer-Matthews  
31. cactus or succulent Jo Whitaker Paul Spencer-Matthews Tom Russell Paul Spencer-Matthews  
32. plant not on schedule Andi Cunningham        
33. Outdoor container June Carter Sue Nodder Francis Nodder    



Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Comm
34. table centre arrangement Julie Gillhespey Paul-Spencer-Matthews Sue Nodder    
35. miniature arrangement Sue Nodder Julie Gillhespey Sarah Rogers Amber Matthews  
36. best arrangement in most bizarre object Tik Higham Julie Gillhespey Sue Nodder Adam Dallimer  
37. Local foliage & flowers Sue Nodder Julie Gillhespey Morgan Russell Rob Parsons  
38. Autumn splendour Sam Biggs Sue Nodder Paul Spencer-Matthews Julie Gillhespey  



Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Comm
39. strawberry jam/jelly Dawn Griffiths Dawn Griffiths Margaret Pulker    
40. gooseberry jam/jelly Sue Nodder Brian Rawle Val Carter    
41. raspberry jam/jelly Sue Nodder Margaret Pulker Clare Mackarness    
42. stone fruit jam/jelly Sue Nodder Penny Hockley Tik Higham Val Carter  
43. mixed fruit jam/jelly Kitty Campbell Kitty Campbell      
44. other jam/jelly Sue Nodder Brian Rawle Sue Nodder Penny Hockley  
45. marmalade Chris Mackarness Janet Manning Chris Mackarness Chris Mackarness  
46. Curd          
47. Savoury jelly          
48. pickle/chutney/relish Sue Nodder Val Carter Tik Higham    
49. Savoury sauce Jon Russell Sue Nodder      
50. victoria sandwich Ruth Holman Kate Dobney Margaret Pulker    
51. bread Dawn Griffiths Viv Thurston Dawn Griffiths    
52. chocolate biscuits Sue Nodder Margaret Pulker      
53. gingerbread house Sue Nodder        
54. Homemade wine Sue Barratt        
55. Homemade liqueur Sue Nodder Sue Nodder Dawn Griffiths Sue Nodder  




Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Comm
56. hand knitted article Audrey Pearce Joyce Harvey Joyce Harvey Jo Whitaker  
57. crocheted article          
58. hand/machine sewn article Ann Selwood        
59. Item by a beginner Sam Biggs        
60. stuffed toy Ann Selwood Val Carter      
61. painting or drawing Sam Biggs        
62. wooden or ceramic item Gilbert Marcolan RG Quick Sue Nodder Harry Faulkes Adam Dallimer/ Peter Griffin/ Jim Raisbeck
63. other item Emma Albitt Jim Griffiths Emma Albitt   Peter Griffin/ Sam Biggs/ Jim raisbeck/ Sarah Rogers/ Ben Morris



Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Comm
64. animal magic Sue Nodder Sue Nodder Tik Higham Francis Nodder  
65. close up Tik Higham Grant Reynolds Sue Nodder Sue Nodder Lydia Otter
66. family fun Francis Nodder        
67. landscapes/seascapes Sue Nodder Sue Nodder Francis Nodder Francis Nodder Lydia Otter



Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Comm
68. model of an animal Teri-Ann Doylee Caeden Doyle Oliver Coxhead    
69. drawing/computer art animal Oliver Coxhead        
70. rice krispie cakes          
71.Rocky Road 5 Oliver Coxhead Caeden Doyke Teri-Ann Doyle