Ed Vaizey visit to Barn Kindergarten

I am writing to you to ask for your support, the Kindergarten and Out of School Club is in danger of being moved out of the Barn and into other accommodation in the school.

Shrivenham Primary School needs to create an additional classroom ready for September 2015.  Options include splitting an existing classroom, converting the staffroom back into a classroom or expanding into the Barn.

If  you have any comments to make or ideas for helping the school to get the classroom space they need and the funding to help them without affecting the Barn then please email:-

John Banbrook of Faringdon Academy at   jmbanbrook@fcc.oxon.sch.uk


Mrs Sammon,  Shrivenham Primary head teacher at   head.3239@shrivenham.oxon.sch.uk

There are 140 children using the Barn at the moment either regularly or on an ad hoc basis.  We are asking all our customers past and present to email the school or the Academy, who seem to be in charge these days, saying that the Barn should continue to be used for the Kindergarten and Out of School Club and not used as an additional classroom for the School.  Our large garden and the fact that we are separated from the school are essential for us to continue to provide the same quality of care.

We have been caring for children in our community for nearly 21 years, (nearly 6½ years at the Barn) please support us so that we can continue for another 21 years and beyond!

We are expecting the decision about the future of the Barn to be made by the end of March therefore if you are able to send emails of support within the next couple of weeks that would be fantastic.

Mr Vaizey, our MP is planning to visit the Barn on Friday 20th March at 3 p.m. you are welcome to come to join us.

Thank you for your support

Kind regards