Golf Course Development


The golf course development has been resubmitted by Linden Homes! Click on this link to view the application. It has only just come online and there has been no officer assigned, as yet. We have not been notified as a council (and may not be as it lies within Shrivenham). I have not yet been through it to see what, if any, are the material changes from the last submission. From what I can see the is no mention of the use of the remaining land (subject of subsequent applications?).

I suggest you do not wait to place your objections, or otherwise, as I suspect the consultation will be the usual 3 weeks. Any external organisations/individuals you think should be notified of the application, please feel free to contact (e.g. BBOWT, Natural England, MP, etc.). Do not assume the District Council will ask for opinions from such organisations as a matter of course. Remember the comments have to be in line with the criteria set out on the Vale’s planning portal and can only refer to the application as it stands, not what you would like it to be.