Oxfordshire Advocacy – cancer support

“Having an advocate at my appointments just made all the difference in the world, because I didn’t have to be the Rosie-the-nurse, Rosie-the-patient, Rosie-the-everything. I could just focus on me and what people were saying to me, knowing that my advocate was writing stuff down and if I got it wrong, then she’d talk me through it but also would help me challenge… If it hadn’t been for the advocate being there and stepping in I think I might have ended up having completely the wrong type of treatment for me. 

A new service run by Oxfordshire Advocacy in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, providing one to one support for anyone aged 50+ affected by cancer, whether they are a Patient or a Carer.

Give us a call on 01865 230203

Email us at copa@oadg.org.uk

Contact us:-  If you know of anyone affected by cancer and aged 50 or more, if you feel that they might benefit from having a Macmillan trained volunteer to support them at appointments or with getting the practical help they need or if you are interested in volunteering yourself