Recruiting a volunteer Parish Path Warden (PPW) for Watchfield

PPW Poster

Role of the PPW

Oxfordshire Area Ramblers, the Oxford Fieldpaths Society (OFS) and the Countryside Access Team (CAT) of  Oxfordshire County Council have worked together to  develop a network of PPWs throughout the County. To date about 80% of the County’s 320 parishes now have a PPW in place. Unfortunately your parish is not one of them. The main purpose of a PPW is to walk the footpaths in his/her parish on a regular basis, equipped with a pair of secateurs to trim away any vegetation that is impeding the footpaths, particularly at stiles, gates and bridges.  The PPW also reports to the CAT any serious and less-serious problems affecting the footpaths so that the information can go onto the CAT’s database of such problems; hopefully to be resolved, especially if the problem is a serious one, such as a dangerous tree overhanging a path, or a bridge that is considered to be unsafe to cross. The PPW  receives twice a year, from the CAT, a list of footpath problems for the parish which can then be checked on the ground; sometimes a problem is resolved locally but the Field Officer of the CAT is not informed that it has been so.

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