How we make our decisions/Parish Council meetings

 Responses to consultations and applications –


WPC response to P20V0629FUL
Watchfield PC request for civil parking enforcement
WPC response to SOUT171990
Watchfield PC response to One Oxfordshire
WPC response to P16V1268FUL
Parish council reponse to P16V0978O
WPC P14V2877FUL appendix A
WPC science vale consultation
CIL consultation
Employment Hub amend WPC response
CLG Select Committee on NPPF report
WPC response to Local Plan Dec2014
A420 Transport Assessment
A420 supplementary report
WPC response to NPPF for Travellers consultation
WPC submission to NPPF select committee
WPC Response to SBC Employment Hub Plans
WPC Response to VWHDC Local PlanAgenda October 17th 2017 _phase 2
WPC response to VOWHDC Local Plan 2029 – phase 1
WPC response to Watchfield School expansion consultation
WPC-response-to-P14V2877FUL-amended (2).
WPC response to P14V2877FUL amended
WPC response to P14V1111FUL
Complaint re P14V1111FUL handling
WPC request for S106 from P14 V0287 FUL
WPC letter to Ed Vaizey re archaeology
WPC response to P14 V0287 FUL majors road
WPC response to Cowan’s RM
WPC response to P12 V2283 O Cowans Camp Application 
WPC response to P12 V2283 O Cowans figures 
WPC response to BSG Ecology re P12 V2283 O
WPC response to historical & natural environment re P12 V2283 O
WPC response to natural england re P12 V2283 O
WPC response to OCC highways consultation cllr rose
WPC response to OCC highways consultation farakh hamid
WPC response to Travel Choices Team re P12 V2283 O
WPC response to Vale Planning Policy re P12 V2283 O
WPC response to P12 V1901 FUL for VWHDC Planning Laura Hudson


Bye-laws – byelaws skin piercing

Agendas and minutes of Parish Council meetings

Annual Village Assembly – Watchfield Annual Village Virtual Assembly poster 2021






WPC Agenda meeting 161121

WPC Agenda meeting 191021

WPC Agenda meeting 210921

WPC Agenda meeting 150621

WPC Agenda Extrordinary meeting 250521

Agenda AGM May 5th 2021

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 230421

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 160321

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 160221

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 190121

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 151220

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 17112020

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 21102020

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 15092020

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 21072020

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 16062020

WPC Agenda Virtual Meeting 19052020

WPC Agenda Virtual meeting 21.04.2020

Extraordinary Agenda March 23rd

Agenda March 17th 2020

Agenda February 18th 2020

Agenda January 21st 2020

Agenda 17th December 2019

Agenda November 19th 2019

Agenda October 15th 2019

Agenda September 17th 2019

Agenda July 16th 2019

Agenda June 18th 2019

Agenda May 21st 2019

Extra Ordinary Agenda May 1st 2019

Agenda April 16th 2019

Agenda March 19th 2019

Agenda Feb 19th 2019

Agenda Feb 19th 2019

Agenda January 15th 2019

Agenda December 18th 2018

Agenda Nov 20th 2018

Agenda Oct 16th 2018

Agenda Sept 18th 2018

Extraordinary Agenda August 3rd 2018

 Agenda July 17th 2018

 Agenda June 19th 2018  

Agenda May 15th 2018

Extraordinary Agenda April 26 2018

 Agenda April 17th 2018

Agenda March 20th 2018

Agenda February 20th 2018

Agenda January 16th 2018

Agenda December 19th 2017

Agenda November 21st 2017

Agenda October 17th 2017

Extraordinary agenda Oct 10th 2017

agenda sept 19th 2017

Agenda August 31st 2017

Agenda July 18th 2017

Agenda June 20th 2017

Agenda May 16th 2017

Agenda April 18th 2017

Agenda March 21st 2017

Agenda Feb 21st 2017

Agenda Jan 17th 2017

Extra Ordinary Agenda Jan 10th

Agenda Dec 20th

Extra Ordinary Agenda Nov 29th

Agenda Nov 15th 2016

Agenda extra ordinary meeting Nov 10th 2016

Agenda Oct 18th 2016

Extraordinary agenda 6th Oct 2016

Agenda 20th Sept 2016 

Agenda July 19th 2016

Agenda June 21st 2016

Agenda May 17th 2016

WPC Minutes meeting 21092

WPC Minutes meeting 150621

WPC Minutes Extraordinary meeting 250521

AGM May 5th 2021 Minutes

WPC Minutes Virtual Meeting 230421

WPC Minutes Virtual Meeting 160321

WPC Minutes Virtual Meeting 160221

WPC Minutes 190121

WPC Minutes Virtual Meeting 151220


WPC Minutes Virtual Meeting 21102020

WPC Minutes 15092020

WPC Minutes Virtual Meeting 21072020

WPC minutes 16.06.2020 Virtual meeting

WPC Minutes Virtual Meeting 19052020

WPC Minutes Virtual Meeting 210420

Extraordinary Minutes March 23rd 2020

Minutes March 17th 2020

Minutes February 18th 2020

Minutes January 21st 2020

Minutes December 17th 2019

Minutes November 19th 2019

Minutes October 15th 2019

Minutes September 17th 2019

Minutes July 16th 2019

Minutes June 18th 2019

Minutes May 21st 2019

Minutes Extra Ordinary May 1st 2019

Minutes April 16th 2019

Minutes March 19th 2019

Minutes February 20th 2018

Minutes February 20th 2018

Minutes January 15th 2019

Minutes December 18th 2018

Minutes Nov 20th 2018

Minutes Sept 18th 2018

Minutes Sept 18th 2018

Extraordinary Minutes August 3rd 2018

Minutes July 17th 2018

 Minutes June 19th 2018

 Minutes May 15th 2018

Extraordinary Minutes 26th April 2018

Minutes April 17th 2018

Minutes March 20th 2018 final

Minutes February 20th 2018

 Minutes January 16th 2018

Minutes December 19th 2017

Minutes November 21st 2017

Minutes October 17th 2017

extra ordinary minutes oct 17th 2017

Minutes Oct 10th 2017

Minutes September 19th 2017

Minutes August 31st 2017

Minutes July 18th 2017

Minutes June 20th 2017

Minutes May 16th 2017

Minutes April 18th 2017

Minutes March 21st 2017

Minutes Feb 21st 2017

Minutes Jan 17th 2017

Extra Ordinary Minutes Jan 10th 2017

Minutes Dec 20th 2016

minutes Nov 29th 2016 Extra

Minutes nov 15th 2016

Minutes Extraordinary Nov 10th 2016

Minutes October 18th 2016

Extraordinary meeting 6th Oct 2016 Minutes


Minutes July 19th 2016

Minutes June 21st 2016

Minutes May 17th 2016

 May 3rd 2016  Agenda extra ordinary May 3rd 2016  Minutes extra ordinary May 3rd 2016
 April 19th 2016  Agenda April 19th 2016  Minutes April 19th 2016
 March 15th 2016  Agenda March 15th 2016  Minutes March 15th 2016
 February 16th 2016  AGENDA February 16th 2016  Minutes February 16th 2016
 January 19th 2016  AGENDA Jan 19th 2016  Minutes January 19th 2016